Preparing Church Planters


Stadia has the most comprehensive support around for preparing great leaders to plant great churches. Planters are surrounded with church planting practitioning experts with decades of experience who love to serve, pour into and challenge the next generation of church planters. Stadia provides some of the best in class and sometimes only in class…

  • Network Support: World-changing churches and generous individuals surrounding planters with resources and expertise.
  • Church Planting Assessment Center (CPAC): Where potential planters and residents determine their aptitude, readiness and calling.
  • Training: Essential church planting principles and practices delivered in collaborative settings with proven leaders. Forums include online labs, webinars, cohorts and special events like Exponential and Stadia Summit.
  • Coaching: A seasoned veteran who helps negotiate unfamiliar territory.
  • Project Management: Provides expert consulting with timelines and details so the planter can focus on people.
  • Fundraising Intensive: Specialized coaching, training and cohorts that propel planters in funding their vision.
  • Bloom-Logo-2ColorEmpowering Women in Church Planting through Bloom.
  • Family Support: Management teams, coaches and the Stadia community help planters make family their most important ministry. Strong families build strong churches.
  • Bookkeeper: Professional accounting to help planters assess and manage the church’s finances.
  • Church Planting Residencies: Future church planting leaders connect with host churches for a developmental experience that prepares leaders to start great churches.
    Future Church Residents go HERE.
    To Host a Church Resident go HERE.
  • Post-Launch Strategic Planning, Cohorts And Coaching: Ongoing opportunities for planters to propel their vision.

Jeremy Brown Circle

By providing coaching, management teams and support for our families, Stadia connects planters to a legacy of successful planting history that makes the church planting journey our greatest legacy!
Jeremy Brown,  Journey Church
(Medina, TN/2010)

Stadia offers this support as a complete package for full collaboration, or talk to us about customizing these services to best meet your church planting needs. The result? New churches that have the greatest potential for long term impact.

quick links for expo.001Future Church Planter?
Learn more about how Stadia can help you figure out how God might use you best to be a part of starting a church that helps transform the next generation and beyond.


quick links for expo.006Churches Planting Churches
Learn more about how Stadia maximizes church planting collaborations by drawing upon each church partner’s relational connections, financial resources and visionary expertise. 

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