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The vision of the Los Angeles Church Planting Movement (LA CPM) is to plant a gospel-driven church in every neighborhood in metro LA.

More people live in metro Los Angeles than 43 states in America.  There are more than 220 languages spoken here.  And, most people in Los Angeles identify where they live by naming one of the 119 neighborhoods in and around metro LA. Each of these areas averages 50,000 people.

Imagine what would happen in LA–and around the world–if we planted a gospel-driven church in every one of these neighborhoods! Imagine what would happen if we planted a contextualized, missional, neighborhood church that brought people together, served the neighborhood, and became a demonstration of the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ! That’s what this Movement is about.

Core Values

  • Relationship: Relationships initiate, sustain, and multiply the movement.
  • Gospel-Driven: We plant churches that declare and live out the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Neighborhood: We seek to plant a geographically based and contextualized neighborhood church in every neighborhood in metro Los Angeles.
  • Global: For each church we plant in Los Angeles, we seek to plant a church globally.
  • Movement: We continually seek to bring churches, individuals and foundations together to plant churches together.

About the LA Movement

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Upcoming Events

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