Bloom: Our Story

Life change often starts around a table.

Bloom started around a table. A conversation began between Debbie Jones and several ladies who had recently planted new churches with Stadia. As an experienced church planter, Debbie knew a lot about both the joys and challenges of church planting. But something was missing.

While the incredible men who God has called to plant churches were given opportunities for training, support and mentoring, something was missing for the women. That night, around a table, Debbie asked the women with her to prayerfully consider how God could use them to help support and encourage other church planting women. From that one conversation around a table, Bloom was born.

Many people have pulled up a chair to sit at that table since Bloom first began in 2007. Bloom now includes nearly 200 women, who serve within a lead church-planting role in Stadia churches. Bloom is best pictured as a giant table – a place for women in church planting to gather, find nourishment, encouragement and support to grow as leaders, servants and supporters within their unique contexts in their churches, their communities, their jobs and their homes.

Bloom …

  • Gives women the opportunity to CONNECT through annual retreats, church-planting conferences and huddle groups.
  • EMPOWERS women through training events and online learning communities.
  • Gives women the opportunity to LEAD as speakers, organizers, writers, artists, hospitality providers and more.

Connect. Empower. Lead. That is what Bloom is about. In whatever seat you fill at the table of God’s Kingdom – you are not alone, you have a place and you have a calling. We hope you’ll consider planting with Stadia and becoming actively involved with Bloom as we empower women to maximize their role in starting new churches.

So pull up a seat. Let’s do this together!

“Inside every woman, God has placed unique gifts and strengths to make a difference in this world. Bloom is a ministry of Stadia desgined to empower church planting women. Through connection and leadership development, Bloom inspires women to discover and embrace all that God created them to be!”

Debbie Jones

Director of Bloom, Stadia

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