Bloom: Lead

Lead out of your influence for maximum Kingdom impact!

Leadership is influence.  When you plant a new church you find yourself in a position of influence.  At Bloom, we are passionate about helping women grow in their personal leadership.  Leadership paired with personal gifting makes for maximum Kingdom impact!  Bloom offers many different avenues for leadership development.

Bloom Leadership Community

Bloom has a dedicated team that make up our Leadership Community.  Our Leadership Community consists of women currently planting churches who are eager to use their gifts and talents to help other women in church planting.  These women lead the different ministries that Bloom offers.  Bloom empowers women and gives them opportunities to refine their gifts as they serve each other.

Some of those teams include:

  • Huddle Team
  • Events Team
  • Prayer Team
  • ‘Bloom Cares’ Team (specializing in crisis)
  • Writing Team
  • Communications Team
  • Special Projects

Watch this video to hear how Karrie discovered her role in the new church she and her husband, Aaron, planted in 2012.

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