Bloom FAQs

Is church planting right for my family?
At Stadia, we believe the entire family is called into church planting. Let our experienced team prayerfully and enthusiastically walk you through the Church Planter Discovery Process. This is a fantastic way to assess 1) if church planting is right for your family and 2) if this is the right season for you to plant a church.
What will the Church Planter Discovery Process look like?
From the moment you fill out the Future Church Planter? Start Here! form, a Stadia team member walks you through the online assessments and virtual interviews. Qualified candidates then participate in Church Planting Assessment Center (CPAC), a 2.5 day experience that will assess and help affirm your next step in the planting process. Assessments are held in many locations all over the U.S.
What support does Stadia offer?
Stadia has a dedicated team that will support you every step of the way! From the moment you begin the Church Planter Discovery Process you will be connected with a staff member who will help walk you through the assessment phase. Once approved through the Church Planting Assessment Center and a location is agreed upon, you will have access to a full list of resources including: Fundraising Intensives, Network Support, Project Management, Coaching, Learning Cohorts, Leadership Training and networking opportunities through our Stadia Village at both Exponential East and West. As a woman, you will be a part of Stadia’s Bloom Ministry for women in church planting. For more information on Stadia’s support of church planters, click HERE.
What does Bloom offer?
Bloom is a ministry within Stadia that “Empowers women to maximize their role in starting churches.” Stadia is the ONLY church planting organization that offers customized care for women in church planting. We accomplish this through connection with other church planting women and leadership development. We offer Huddles, which are small groups of women all in a similar phase of church planting, led by seasoned church planters. We have training sessions for women at the Stadia Church Planter Summit in conjunction with the Exponential Conference. We have a Prayer Team and a closed Facebook community. We also give women in church planting a voice through our Writing Team. In addition to all of that, we offer a dynamic annual retreat custom designed for women in church planting.
Where will we plant?
If at the completion of the Church Planter Discovery Process it is determined that you are ready to plant, the assessment team will recommend locations based on networks already established to help fund and support a new church plant. Check out the locations that are looking for planters right now. Or, perhaps you already have a location in mind. The process can also be used to affirm where you may already feel you are called to plant. Through prayerful consideration, fundraising analysis, and interviews with the team, you will work toward the location that you will best be suited for.
What will be my role in a new church?

Bloom’s passion is helping women develop as leaders so that they may discover and reach their full potential for the Kingdom. One of the most empowering things about church planting is that you are free to lead however you are gifted! Whether you are a gifted communicator, highly organized, a solid support to your family, amazing with children or an awesome worship leader, the sky really is the limit. We look forward to helping you figure it out how God wants to use you in a new church.

Watch this video to hear how Karrie discovered her role in the new church she and her husband, Aaron, planted in 2012.

How can I best support my family as we explore church planting?

At Bloom, we believe that God calls the family into church planting, not just the pastor. As women, we have tremendous influence in setting the tone for our entire family. Start by fervently praying during this time. Also, stay informed on where you are in the Church Planter Discovery Process and educate yourself about church planting.


How will church planting affect my children?

One of the core values of Stadia is Children. Church planting can be one of the most impactful experiences your children will ever have. Listen to what one of them has to say about it …

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