Bloom: Empower

Discover how God has created you to thrive!

Bloom believes that each and every woman has unique, God given gifts and talents. It is our passion to draw that out and to help you become everything God created you to be. Many women know exactly how they are gifted and are eager to maximize their role in their new church. Others need to be encouraged and empowered. At Bloom, we want to come alongside you and help you discover your unique purpose. 


Stadia Summit

Prior to the Exponential Church Planting Conference, Stadia hosts an exclusive event called The Stadia Summit. In addition to sessions designed for couples, Bloom hosts sessions customized for women in church planting. You’ll hear from experienced women who are on the same adventure of church planting. The wisdom and training The Summit provides are invaluable! 

Online Workshops




Each month, ladies in Bloom receive a special E-news that is tailored just for her.  Bloom has a Writing Team that contributes real, honest articles to the E-news that address the things we experience as church planters.  Our E-news also features upcoming events, Leadership Tools and many things we celebrate as the Bloom community.   




Bloom Books and Blog

Have you ever wondered what church planting is really like? Bloom has collaborated with several women within Stadia to write personal, authentic stories of their experience in church planting. You’ll hear first hand what it can be like moving to a new community, falling in love with a new city, experiencing life transformation or stepping into your own leadership. These writers beautifully articulate the joys, pains and triumphs of one of life’s greatest callings. You can purchase all three volumes at  Additional testimony can be found on our Bloom Blog!


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