Aaron and Karrie Thomas
Restore Church (Silver Spring, MD)

  • Married for eight years. Together for 14.
  • Children: Tyson is 4, William is 3, and Sutter is 1.
  • Aaron and Karrie started dating while attending high schools just five miles apart in the suburbs of Indianapolis.


How do you feel God has uniquely gifted you as a couple to plant this church?

Our best preparation has been the weathered storms as well as the rewarding moments we’ve experienced in ministry so far. As we look back on the adventurous past five years, we continue to discover more and more ways God was revealing Himself and preparing us for this mission.

As far as our gifting, we’ve always had a good understanding of who we are and where our strengths and weaknesses lie. However, the CPAC assessment was very clarifying and affirming for us. Aaron is a visionary, an entrepreneur, and passionate about discipleship. Karrie is a people person, creatively inclined and passionate about community. To answer the question on all of your church planting minds’, Aaron is high “D” and Karrie is high “I” on the DISC assessment. We’re both focused on creating a missional environment where we hope to serve our community and each other well in hopes of incarnationally making disciples.


What are you most excited about in starting the new church?

I’ve been heavily involved in ministry for 10 years and this is the most out of control I’ve ever felt. I mean, I’ve never felt God leading me, our family, and our mission like this. It’s an incredibly exciting feeling to see “His” vision of “His” church coming to fruition rather than “my” vision or “my” church.


What are your biggest concerns? How can we pray for you?

Our constant concern is that we are letting the Holy Spirit lead this vision and strategy for reaching our city. We know we are here to remove barriers so that Christ can invade people’s hearts.

Also, from the moment we said, “Yes” to moving to D.C., we have been under constant attack. Karrie has experienced a lot of health problems in the past year, and we are still trying to figure some of that out. We have also just felt Satan attacking us from every direction.

It’s incredibly affirming in one sense because He obviously doesn’t want Christ here. However, we cherish and need prayers for our marriage and family.


How are you preparing your family for the unique challenges and opportunities that come with church planting?

Karrie and I are constantly talking about our marriage and parenthood. We know our marriage should be a picture of the sacrificial love of Christ and that our boys are our first disciples. Wins for us would be: our marriage reflecting the way Christ loved the church, discipling our boys the way Jesus discipled, and letting God control the vision and mission of this church.


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